1979 Chevrolet Corvette Info

This section gives some random information about a 1979 Corvette I used to own. I was the original owner and ordered the car on February 28, 1979. It was assembled April 18th of that year (No. 31244) and I picked it up at the dealer on April 25th. I finally traded the car in on June 22, 1996.

Photographs: Included in the data is a bunch of photos I took of the car over the years. Many were taken when the car was only a month old and may be of use to restorers. There are overall shots of the car plus quite a few close-ups of parts of the exterior, interior and engine compartment.

Window Sticker: Along the same lines as the photos, scanned and text versions of the window sticker are available. (text version)

Repair History: An almost complete list of all the repairs done to the car over its lifetime.

Gasoline Usage: Finally, the complete gasoline usage history of the car is presented in excruitiating detail.

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