1979 Chevrolet Corvette Pictures

This page contains links to photos of my '79 Corvette that someone who is restoring one of these might find useful. The car was kept in stock condition throughout its life. Many of the images were taken when the car was only a month old. The pictures include wide-angle shots of the car as well as closeups of various components. These weren't originally inteded as documentation of what a factory original '79 looked like but hopefully there is enough detail to help someone out.

Overall views: Wide-angle shots showing the complete car from different angles.

Interior: Closeups where you can see the seats, dashboard and instruments. Includes a couple of shots with the console and dash dismantled.

Engine and mechanical: One shot of the engine when brand new, a poor shot of the underside of the hood plus an odd shot of the rear suspension, part of the exhaust system and a cat.

Emblems and exterior details: Closeups of a couple of the emblems, the grille and an aluminum wheel.

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